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Chelsea Apartment

This large residential redevelopment project in London required a variety of window treatments and methods of control throughout the property. We worked closely with both the designer, builder and AV contractor to ensure that the client's wish for privacy was achieved without compromising natural light levels and aesthetics.

We installed two meet-in-the middle Lutron Roof blind systems to each of the Skylights in the Cinema, Living Area and Master. One system with screen fabric to allow natural light to enter the spaces and the other system with a blackout fabric to provide complete dimming when required. These Lutron systems provide a way of controlling natural light to suit the range of activities the client will be carrying out in these areas. The similarity in colour of the fabric to the surrounding paintwork ensured a concealed solution which does not detract from the interior design.

Lutron woodslat Venetian blinds were installed to high-traffic areas such as the Kitchen and Entrance Hall on the Ground Floor, providing a sleek and easily washable solution. The client required softer window treatments to the upper floors which was achieved through a mix of Lutron Roller blinds installed behind Lutron Roman blinds and Silent Gliss curtain tracks with lined and unlined curtains.

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